Version: 1.0
Updated: 26.11.2005

SymGetEx is an addition to Visual Studio 6.0, which allows Visual C++ debugger to automatically download symbols from symbol servers. With automatic symbol server support, it is easy to keep system symbols up-to-date, regardless of the number of system updates and hotfixes installed on the computer. In turn, good symbols for system DLLs help you get complete and informative call stacks when debugging your applications.

In the process of downloading symbols, SymGetEx provides detailed progress reports, which help to troubleshoot network failures and various symbol server issues. SymGetEx also allows to reduce unnecessary network traffic by maintaining the list of modules whose symbols should not be downloaded from the symbol server (exclusion list).

SymGetEx allows to enable or disable symbol server access on the fly, ensuring that the debugger uses symbol server only when it is really needed, and does not consume computing resources at other times.

System requirements

Operating system: Windows NT 4.0 (SP4 or newer), Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003.

Development tools: Visual C++ 6.0 with service pack 5 or 6.

Note: Visual C++ 6.0 debugger does not support the symbol format used by system symbols of Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1. Even though SymGetEx can work on those platforms and download symbols successfully, the debugger will not be able to use the downloaded symbols. We are planning to address this issue in the next version of SymGetEx.

Note: Remote debugging scenario is not supported in this version of SymGetEx.


Complete online documentation can be found here (it is also included with the installation package).


Download SymGetEx (1200 Kb) (Evaluation version, without time or functional limits of any kind)


You can register a single-user version of SymGetEx for US$ 35, or purchase a multi-user license with discount.

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If you have questions about SymGetEx, please contact our support at (the real email address does not contain the word "write" - spam prevention). Detailed troubleshooting information and bug reporting instructions can be found in the product help file or in online documentation here.

Troubleshooting tips

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