DebugLive Debugger

An easy way to troubleshoot applications on end user machines and remote servers

Debug applications on any system, local or remote

  • Debugger works inside the web browser
  • No setup, minimal end user involvement
  • Remote debugger instantly accessible from anywhere; no need to configure ports and firewalls
  • Start debugging session and then continue at work, at home, at the airport, anywhere

Check configuration of the remote system

  • Convenient access to Registry, EventLog, configuration files
  • Explore SxS cache and troubleshoot DLL installation issues (including CRT, MFC, ATL versioning issues)
  • Use batch files to check and report system configuration automatically
  • Write debugger extensions to collect application-specific information (it is very easy to write an extension for DebugLive debugger)

Exchange data with remote systems

  • Exchange files over secure connection
  • Share dumps, logs, other files via DebugLive server (or install a server of your own)
  • Discuss problems and solutions in real time, track progress

No need to rely on end user's vague description of the problem

  • Create screenshots, record video, collect performance information
  • Create and analyze crash dumps, manually or automatically
  • Send to the user a batch file that will collect the necessary information automatically

No need to sit and wait till the problem is reproduced

  • Monitor the application in unattended mode and get notified when a certain event occurs
  • The debugger can send you an email when your attention is needed
  • Automate the debugger via batch files, JavaScript functions, powerful extension API


Supported platforms

DebugLive debugger currently supports debugging native 32-bit applications on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008. Managed (.NET) debugging is supported via SOS extension.

Support for debugging 64-bit applications, and fully featured .NET debugging support is coming soon.

Product documentation

DebugLive debugger documentation is available online here.

DebugLive debugger and your system

How does the debugger affect your system? How invasive is it? Where is it installed, and how? How to uninstall it? Read more about it here.

Free trial

Free trial is available. Please use this page to request the free trial.